Disclaimer : We have publicly questioned about the working of this Federation and have got no answers, we are writing this article by observing what has been shown to the players and the audience of India.

As most of the readers are aware of Esports being included in the Jakarta Asian Games 2018, Esports Federation of India (Mr. Lokesh Suji) took the liberty of organizing the qualifiers for Asian Games 2018. This article discusses some of the odd terms and conditions the players are being forced to agree.

If you’re wondering why you weren’t aware about this prestigious tournament and why didn’t you register for it. Below are two reasons why :

The qualifiers took place in mere 24-36 hours. Which included registrations, matchups, and decisions.

ESFI took no efforts to broadcast this occasion or even advertise.

Even if you did get selected here are some ridiculous terms from their player contract :

“Mere participation in the NESC shall not entitle a Participant to the Benefits (if any) or qualifies him / her to participate in the Asian Games.”

Ironically, it did. To qualify for the Asian Games you just had to stumble upon their Facebook Posts with a passport (that’s how most of the players were qualified).

So if you just happen not to use Facebook when they decide to change some major term or even cancel your ticket to the tournament, you’ll be doomed.

And then you won’t be able to even blame them.

Then the contract discusses about how the players have to go through the photoshoot, video recordings and promotions that might be done by ESFI or any other sponsor, the players would have to bear the cost themselves and ESFI might reject your registration if you fail to do so.

This is just one of the way ESFI decides to financially exploit the players. Next up in the TnC is how ESFI can take action if a player decides not to play.

And then your winnings will also be exploited however ESFI decides to do so.

ESFI will also withdraw their hands and instructs players to either defend or state harmless in any mishap that may occur during the contract length.

ESFI states in the contract that they take no responsibility whatsoever if anything happens to players no matter what.

ESFI also talks about how all of the expense is the total 100% responsibility of players.

Taxes and other levies imposed by any relevant applicable government or tax authority, as well as other costs including, insurance and incidental costs, that may be levied or incurred shall be fully borne by the participant(s), selected / winning Participants (Winner(s)) and or their Parents / legal guardians / representatives.

ESFI also has rights to deal with any situation by ammending the contract and that too notifying the players via their Facebook Posts which players are supposed to check regularly (yes it is mentioned explicitly) .

To sum up the entire article and the contract :

  • ESFI is taking care of selecting players for Asian Games 2018

That is literally pretty much it.

And also,

If you’re taking part in Asian Games 2018 keep in mind that :

  • ESFI won’t care about your expenses.
  • ESFI won’t care about what happens to you.
  • ESFI can charge you as much as they want.
  • ESFI has no interest in your victory.
  • You can’t blame ESFI in any manner for any sort of issue, it’s gonna be your fault.

Our question still stands the same and unanswered, What exactly is ESFI? What do they do? Who appointed them for such a huge occassion for gamers when they are going to treat it as a money harvesting opportunity.


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