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Everything you need to know about ESL India Premiership, Season 2

Kshitij Chauhan April 17, 2017 0 comments

ESL India just anounced its 2nd season of ESL India Premiership, the revolutionary league consisting of huge prize pools, top-notch management and the first big step to bring Indian Esports into the limelight.


Here's everything you need to know:


Prize Pool

With the total prize money to be won from all games (including DOTA 2, CS:GO)summing up to a whopping 64 Lakhs. However, there is an interesting addition to this year's matches. For starters, a new concept of "match fees" has been introduced. The matches fees will vary from league to league, with the winning team/player getting double the amount of the match fees. Teams will recieve 500 INR for every match, whereass the winning team will recieve an extra 500 INR. The player(outside of team games) will get 100 INR as match fees, and the winning player will get an extra 100 INR. The match fee concept is applicable not only to Masters League, but also to the Challenger League, with a catch- Only the winning team will recieve the 500 INR bounty, while the winning player will recieve 100 INR. This system is NOT APPLICABLE to the Starter Cups.




The Premiership will be divided in 3 seasons, Summer, Fall and Winter. Each season will last for around 3 months. Masters is the league of the highest order, followed by your Challengers and Starters. The Masters and Challengers consist of 8 teams/players, while there is no cap on the number of participants for Starter Cups.

As for the seasons, they are divided into three 14-day cycles. At the end of each cycle, the team/player at the top of their league gets promoted to the next league, whereas the runner up team/player gets a chance to reaching the next league, if they can beat the bottom two teams of that league. The season finale will occur at the end of the third cycle. The 8 teams/players that manage to remain in Masters League will play at the finale.


Transfer Windows


Another new addition in this year's premiership is gonna be the famous "Transfer Window" system. 

In between each season, there will be  10 day transfer window in which each tem is free to shuffle their rosters for the upcoming seasons. All teams, even the ones that haven't made chanegs to their rosters, will have to mail the organizers their roster towards the end of the transfer window. This will be done in order to prevent discrepancies, and to ensure that the data submitted by the players is verified on time.

The LAN finale for each season are scheduled to take place at Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi respectively. All in all, Indian e-sports seems to be getting stacked further and further in 2017, with lots of prize money to be won and a lot mainstream media attention to be centered at E-sports.


Registration Links 

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