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Playtonia presents Conquerer Insignia

Varun bisht June 17, 2017 0 comments

When it comes to gaming platform, playtonia is one of the organisation which brings you the best gaming platforms to play at. Many people can't play major events because most of them are on LAN network and they can't afford to shift to cities easily for a small time period. This season playtonia brings you Conquerors Insignia a major event sharing both online and offline gaming platforms.

Tournament Venue: Online & Main LAN Event

Dates : From June 22nd

Game Format: Team

Registrations: Free for all - Now Open via Playtonia website (link at the end of article)

Games Available : DOTA 2, CSGO, FIFA 17, Just Dance, Cosplay

Platforms: PC & Console

Prize Pool: Rs 20,00,000


Playtonia introduces "Conquerors Insignia", a major event for counter strike: global offensive,dota2 and fifa17 with a total pool prize of ₹20,00,000 . The event is gonna be very big and exciting covering over 8 cities like Delhi, Cuttack, Bengaluru , Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabada and Chennai. The event will go on for 6months with a lot of interesting seasons.

First we have online season which is completely for online players of counter strike global offensive and dota2. Online season is subdivided into 2 seasons, online season 1 which starts on 25th june 2017 and will go on till 16th july 2017 with the registrations starting on 1st of june, and then we have online season 2 which starts on 20th August 2017 to 10th of September with the registrations starting on 21st june. So all the online players, better mark this date, cause this event is a great opportunity given to you to show your skills.

‌After this we have another season named as "lounge wars". Lounge wars is an event where both online and offline platforms will be provided to players. Can't go to cafe for lan event? No problem play online, wanna share the experience of LAN gaming, go on, the event is for both online as well as offline players. Lounge wars is also sub categorised like online season into lounge wars season 1 which will commence at 20th july in delhi, 27july in Cuttak, 3rd august in Bangalore and 10th August in pune having the registrations starting for all of them on june 16th. Can't find the city of your name in the list? Don't worry. Lounge war Season 2 starts on 14th September in mumbai, 21st September in Kolkata, 28th September in Hyderabad and 5th October in Chennai. All these events will be a 4days event having lots of entertainment and gaming.

After lounge wars season 1 and season 2, two intercity match will take place respectively, one for season one and one for season two between the qualifiers of lounge wars. And finally Conquerors Insignia ultimate battle (grand finals) will take place by the end of the season on 2nd November. Qualifiers of season 1 and two need not have to worry about the traveling expenses since all of them will be payed by playtonia.

For more information about pool prize, registration etc. Log on to


And wait, this ain't the end. Not only just counter strike global offensive and dota2 but they also have fifa17, cosplaying and events like just dance in this major event with amazing prices​ for winners. So cosplayers, make yourself ready and  also people, get ready to dance till you're short on breath.

Register Now : Conqueror's Insignia



Varun bisht