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Ultimate Battle Announces All India Open e-Sports League

Kshitij Chauhan June 16, 2017 0 comments

All of us have been noticing the great expansion and popularity of Esports in India. More and more tournament​s are being organised throughout the country making Esports bigger and better.

Tournament Venue: Online

Game Format: Solo & Team

Registrations: Free for all - Now Open via Ultimate Battle website / Android app, BookMyShow and Eventshigh

Games Available : DOTA 2, CSGO & FIFA 17

Platforms: PC , PS4 & PS3

Prize Pool: Rs 1,50,000

Ultimate Battle, a leading Esports company and #1 portal for Esports, is launching an all India open Esports league for avid online gamers. Sometimes it's hard for people to travel and participate in LAN tournaments thus for online gamers, Ultimate Battle announces All India Open Esports League which will allow gamers to participate and perform in different online Esports tournaments of their choices, play with other great skilled players as well as win lot's of exciting cash prizes.

With the launch of the league Ultimate Battle strong focus will be on to provide competitive gamers with the kind of status given to professional athletes in traditional sports. They want them them to achieve recognition and financial rewards for their gaming spirit.

Let's get into the details and learn what this league is about. The All India Open Esports League is a larger competitive e-gaming tournament series of popular esports around the world with handsome prize pool for players. The tournament league is a unique opportunity for the young and growing pan India Esports community where gamers compete each other. The league will be a full-fledged professional sporting event combining competitive tournaments of video games among professional gamers. 

The tournament​ consist of games like Counter-Strike : Global Offensive, DotA2 & fifa17. Not just for PC gamers but even PlayStation players can participate as this league covers platforms like PC , PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

You don't have a team? No worries, some games also have solo format as well as team format. 

The tournament is free to play as well as it will be played online.

This is one big opportunity for every gamer residing in any corner of the country to come up and show his skills to the Esports community of India and it should not be missed. Even if you lose in the league you'll learn of a lot things about the game and will gain a lot of experience and beyond that you'll become an essential part of the Esports community in India.


Register Now : Ultimate Battle eSports League


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